Berlin Hotels



Mission of hotels Berlin is to give the best services to its guests, which has always exceeded their expectations from the first moment of their accommodation. We emphasize a great deal at the health and safety of our guests and staff members and we use all necessary means to ensure that. After the announcement of COVID-19 for global pandemic, we monitor closely all recommendations of the World Health Organization and apply all measures for preventing the spread of the virus. Together with our teams, we guarantee that all standards for services in hotels Berlin, are in accordance with the requirements for safety and health.


All the managers and employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. Measuring the temperature of our employees on entering and exiting the workspace, as well as periodically if necessary. If we have any doubt for symptoms, our employees will be examined on the spot by the doctor on duty.

The services vehicles, work areas, common areas and offices of the employees are used according to the social distancing policy, rules for their cleaning and disinfection are created and are distributed to all personal protective equipment.

Employees suspected of influenza, cold or illness are not allowed to work without the explicit approval of the doctors on the spot.


Arriving tourists by car are directed to the designated parking spaces by a hotel employee who is equipped with a mask and is instructed to keep the required distance. Tourists are advised to wait by their car to be invited by the hotel security in order to avoid crowding.

Arriving tourists by bus wait their turn at the place designated by the hotel in the open before check-in.

Upon entering the Berlin Golden Beach Hotel, their body temperature is measured, after which they disinfect their hands with a disinfectant from specially designed dispensers. At the entrance a minimum number of guests are allowed in the lobby in order to maintain the required distance of 1.5 meters between tourists. The other tourists wait outside at a safe distance from each other. No crowds are allowed at the hotel’s reception, and guests are waiting in line in the lobby at a distance. Signs are placed on the territory of the reception unit, which indicate where to go and at what distance to wait, in order to regulate the flow of incoming and outgoing tourists.

Registration is done for no more than two tourists or a family with children. Frond desk staff is equipped with a mask. After registration and filling the necessary documents, the countertop at the reception is disinfected and prepared for the next tourists. Key cards for the rooms are disinfected after each use, payment by credit or debit card is encouraged, not cash. During the stay, key cards for the room are not left at the reception. Guests are directed to the lift, where a receptionist monitors the required distance and limits it’s use to a minimum. The use of the elevator by a maximum of two people or a family is allowed. After each guest, the elevator buttons are disinfected. 

Tourists are given special attention to get acquainted with the information boards for safety rules placed at the reception and the premises of the hotel. Increased communication by the reception staff to the tourists about the precaution taken for their safety and comfort. Guests will be encouraged to keep their distance and rules of personal hygiene, will be informed that in case of high temperature and fatigue do not necessarily leave their room and to inform the reception by phone.

The reception staff has the telephone numbers of the medical team at the hotel and emergency medical care. A first aid kit, disposable masks and gloves, thermometers and disinfectants are available at the reception. In case of suspicion of corona virus infection of a guest in the hotel, the same will be isolated in a pre-prepared room. They will be provided with a mask, gloves and disinfectants and will be treated by a pre-determined person. Near the isolation room, there will be an equipped doctor’s office. After isolating or transporting the guest, the places where they have stayed will be cleaned and disinfected.


Upon check-in at the hotel, for safety, guests must complete a COVID-19 declaration, which includes information about the trip, the health status of the guests and requesting consent on request or refusal to clean and change bed linen and towels on a daily basis in their room. An “on request” option is included, which allows tourists to request the delivery of additional toiletries, towels and bed linen without a hotel employee entering the room. Cleaning is done in the absence of guests from the room, only after the stated request of the guest.


Before check-in and after release, the commercial rooms are thoroughly cleaned, loaded, ventilated and disinfected according to the recommendations and prescriptions of the state health control authorities. After preparing the room for accommodation, a “Ready for you” sticker is placed on the door, which shows the guests that their room was not accessible after it was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. During this process, cleaning and disinfection, the cleaning staff is provided with personal protective equipment. The furniture in the room is cleaned with pre-disinfected towels. Bed linen and towels – the textiles are washed on a daily basis by a specialized washing machine, where the additional recommendations for washing at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees with the addition of detergent and disinfectant are used. The collection, temporary storage, transfer of the used bed linen and towels and respectively it’s receiving and storage of the clean one shall be carried out in strict compliance with the normative requirements and recommendations of the health authorities. Tourists are warned not to leave the dirty towels on the floor, which together with the bed linen are taken out in a basket on the maids’ carts.

The mini bar in the room is paid. It will be filled after an request. The mini bar does not have the functions and cooling of a standard refrigerator.

When cleaning and disinfecting the room, the following 10 critical steps are treated with special care:

- Night lamps, lighting switches, remote controls.

- Windows, curtains and drapes.

- Monoblock, sink, shower, bath, faucet sink and shower in the bathroom and toilet.

- Regular maintenance of air conditioning and filter cleaning.

- Telephone and TV.

- Bed linen including duvets, sheets and pillows.

- Flat surfaces of the furniture in the room, such as desk, table, bedside tables, chairs, wardrobe.

- Locks front and balcony door.

- Mirror in the room.

- Safe.

During cleaning and disinfection, the balcony door is left open at all times. The bathroom comes with individual toiletries and sanitary materials. The hairdryer in the bathroom is turned off, without the possibility of use. Unnecessary items are removed from the guest rooms, such as decorative pillows, scarves and bedspreads, information folders and directories, laundry forms.

Beach towels are provided once during the guest’s stay in the room, and when the room is vacated the maid on duty checks for the presence of these towels and if they are not available, tourists pay a sum of 20.00 per towel.


Common areas:

When cleaning and disinfecting lobbies and common areas, our main focus is the bathrooms and all objects and surfaces that are often touched. In the shared toilets there are instructions indicating how to properly wash your hands. The lobby and common areas are cleaned on an hourly basis, especially items that are often touched by guests, such as tabletops, chairs, elevator buttons, door handles. General toilets, door handles, elevator buttons, stair railings, tables and chairs and sofas in the lobby are mainly disinfected every hour. The reception desk is disinfected after each guest. During disinfection, the lobby is ventilated by opening doors and windows. A diary has been introduced for the performed hygienic and disinfection measures, in which the date, time, disinfectant used, by whom and where are recorded in detail.

Disinfectants are available to tourists at the entrance and are in prominent places in the hotel – the reception area, the entrance to the elevators, the entrance to the restaurants, the lobby and the area with outdoor pool. Instructions for proper hand disinfection are placed next to each disinfectant dispenser. Regular inspections are carried out to ensure the proper functioning of detergent disinfectants.

All common areas at the Berlin Golden Beach Hotel are rearranged according to social distancing.

The processes of cleaning and disinfection of the filters of the air conditioners are in accordance with the action plan, as the air in the building is regularly renewed with clean air.

The levels of PH and chlorine in the pools are maintained within the required standards, and their values are regularly checked and recorded in a diary.

Stationary disinfection dispensers are placed around the outdoor pools and every guest is obliged to disinfect their hands when entering the pool area. The sun loungers around the outdoor pools are located at a distance of 3 meters from each other, grouped in 2 pieces. An employee at the pool, equipped with protective equipment, disinfects the sunbeds after each guest.

Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach to the hotel are rearranged at a distance of 5 meters from each other. It is not allowed for more than two tourists or a family to stay under one umbrella. Disinfection of sunbeds is performed by a hotel employee after each tourist. Disinfectants are located in the area of the beach bar.

Animation for tourists is carried out only in the open at the designated places, according to the animation program and in compliance with the requirements for physical distance. In bad weather, animation events are not held.


The dining areas are rearranged according to the requirements for social distancing, the tables are arranged with the possibility of using up to 4 people or family members. It is absolutely forbidden to gather tables in the restaurant and take food and utensils out of the restaurant.

The main restaurant is limited by one entrance and one exit indicating signs for traffic and social distance. At the entrance of the restaurant the tourists are greeted by our employee – host / hostess and will be observed for the mealtime. Depending on the mealtime, tourists receive the appropriate color bracelet all inclusive.

Our open buffets are already covered with glass, and will be served individual by our employee. The guest orders the respective item from the buffet and receives the same in a plate.

Providing an option for tourists to choose the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, according to the specified intervals namely:



Shift 1 – 07:30 – 08:45

Shift 2 – 08:45 – 10:00


Shift 1 – 12:00– 13:00

Shift 2 – 13:00 – 14:00


Shift 1 – 18:00 – 19:30

Shift 2 – 19:30 – 21:00


Meal hours are in accordance with the maximum number of seats per shift and are until the number of seats for the respective shift is exhausted. Changing the mealtimes after the pre-selected time is possible only after consultation for vacancies with a receptionist.

Drinks in the restaurant will be issued individually – coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, water, soft drinks for breakfast. Beer, wine – white and red, soft drinks, water for lunch and dinner. Issuance to guests is in glass and porcelain cups, optionally available as disposable cups.

Tables, chairs and baby chairs are disinfected after each use.

The bars outside the main restaurant at the Berlin Golden Beach Hotel are open for single use only.

The à la carte restaurant is body D is open Monday to Friday from 18:30 until 21:30, from 20.06.2022 till 07.09.2022.  At the entrance of the restaurant there is a disinfectant with the appropriate instructions. Reservations for the restaurant are made from the previous day to the next according to available seats, at the reception in block D in the period 16:00 to 17:00. Up-to-date information about the menu in the à la carte restaurant tourists can find in front of the restaurant. Drinks water, soft drinks, white and red wine, beer.

Laundry services:

Professional laundry and ironing services are provided on site, and guests need to complete a request form at reception.

For all hotel fabrics – incl. sheets, pillowcases, towels, tablecloths the hotel uses the services of an external approved laundry, as required by the Ministry of Health and RHI.

Security and health services:

Hotel Berlin Golden Beach has round-the-clock security and video surveillance, a medical team on duty.

According to the requirements, the hotel has rooms for isolation of staff and guests in case of doubt about COVID-19. All necessary procedures and service standards have been introduced and isolation areas have been identified.

The temperature of all visitors, external suppliers is measured upon entering the premises and all preventive measures are taken.

The service standards are strictly controlled to ensure quality and ensure the safety of all products from delivery to use, which ensures the safety of all our guests.