Internal Rules

Instruction for the Internal Rules and Conduct in Berlin Hotels - Berlin Golden Beach § Berlin Green Park Golden Sands Resort

Dear guests, in order for your stay to be as peaceful and pleasant as possible, please follow the order in our hotels.

1. It is forbidden to store your passports at the reception, so please kindly wait until you are registered with the attendant on duty. Please leave your valuables and documents in the safe in your room or at the reception. A lost safe key is charged. The guest is responsible for the items left unattended in the room or on the hotel premises.

2. When leaving the room, close the windows and door to the terrace, make sure the front door is closed properly and leave the chip or the storage card at reception if desired. A lost chip or room card is charged.

3. You can get your chip or card again after providing your hotel passport.

4. Pets are not allowed on site.

5. For security reasons, it is forbidden to use electrical appliances in the room, even iron. The hotel provides laundry and ironing services for a fee.

6. The import and storage of flammable, explosive and bulky objects (luggage, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) is prohibited on the hotel premises.

7. It is forbidden to export properties from the hotels (towels, blankets, sheets, pillows and other property) and their use on the beach or around the pool.

8. You can welcome friends and guests in the hotel lobby. They are not allowed in the guest rooms without registration and payment for the night.

9. In the interval from 14:00 to 16:00, as well as after 22:00 it is absolutely forbidden to make noise, knock on doors and talk high in the rooms.

10. Check-in is after 14:00. Check out till 11:00, after returning the card for the room to the duty administrator and paying the amounts due, if any! If requested by the guest for an earlier check-in or a later check-out, please be advised of the possibilities and the corresponding price of reception at the hotel. If you do not leave the room during the set hours, a fee of 50% of the room rate is charged at the reception prices for the respective period.

11. In case of damage or missing items due to the guest's fault, they are paid by the guest at market price!

12. Jumping, swimming, playing with large and solid objects in the pool during working hours and outside working hours are not allowed. Swimming in the pool outside working hours is not allowed. In the evening, prevention and cleaning of the pool.

13. It is forbidden to keep loungers on the pool or beach with beach towels for more than 30 minutes.

14. Free use of outdoor pool, umbrella and sun lounger around the pool or at the beach (one umbrella and two sun loungers per room) if available. Places are limited. Children on extra bed and free accommodated do not receive this service. Loungers and umbrellas are included in the price for full paying guests.  Loungers reservation is prohibited; there may be limited availability at certain times of the day. 


16. A Wi-Fi network and video surveillance system are built on site for your security. By using the services of the hotel you agree to the video surveillance.

17. If you notice any suspicious people, please notify the duty administrator immediately.

18. Hotel guests bear material (financial) responsibility for the damaged and lost property of the hotels.

19. If you do not comply with the rules, violations of the generally accepted norms of behavior, including drug use, you will be obliged by the hotel management to leave it.

20. You can leave hotel reviews and recommendations on the reception desk or on the online platforms.

21. Parking on site is only possible against payment of the daily rate. Be sure to place the note issued by the front desk with your car number in a prominent position on the windscreen of your vehicle. Otherwise, repatriation of the vehicle is possible. Parking is paid, unguarded.

22. Do not give your All inclusive bracelet to third parties who are not guests of the hotels. The bracelets have a special fastening that does not allow the guest to lose. Reception staff can change your old bracelet only after checking your name on the hotel system and after returning the torn old one.


1. The guests are obliged to observe the requirements for visiting the restaurant - the clothes should be sporty elegant, without flip flops, shorts, swimwear and not good appearance.

2. Displacement and assembly of tables and chairs is prohibited.

3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered on a block table and food is consumed only in the hall or on the terrace.

4. It is forbidden to bring food, dishes and utensils to the rooms and to the beach, otherwise you have to pay the restaurant's prices.

5. It is forbidden to enter the restaurant with rollers, drones and wheels.

6. Children under 6 years old are not left unattended at the block tables and beverage machines.

7. Bottling of beverage machines is prohibited. Drinks are available daily at all bars, according to their business hours.

8. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food may not be brought into the restaurant.

9. Hunger is a daily occurrence for every 4th child and every 2nd adult, and every 5th family lives in deprivation without access to full and balanced nutrition every day. Dear tourists, please take as much food as you can to consume so that you do not have to throw it away.

From the hotel management Berlin